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Our Vision

Monda Foundation – Our Vision


· Our vision is to build an activity center through Monda Foundation that generates its own income to pay its expenses and awards scholarships.

· Our vision is to help the community where needed with daycare, afterschool care, tutoring and transportation.

· Our vision is to join and make affordable athletic leagues in the community such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball and much much more.

· Our vision is to make available the gymnasium as a fellowship hall for individuals, groups, and organizations for meetings or events.

· The sports leagues, fellowship hall along with the daycare and afterschool care would cover expenses and generate income toward Monda foundation which will award scholarships to those in need.



You get God’s vision by saying, “What do you want me to do? How do you want me to do it? And when do you want me to do it?” You need to stop praying, “God, bless what I’m doing.” And instead start praying, “God, help me to do what you want to bless.” I get up in the morning and I pray a very similar prayer every day. “God, I know you’re going to do some very exciting things in the world today. Would you give me the privilege of just being in on some of them? I just want to be in on what you’re doing. I want to do what you’re blessing.” – Rick Warren

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Our Vision

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